Monday, August 29, 2011

The Best House Yet

Dear Loyal Friends,

As some of you know, we are seriously considering settling down in Corvallis and have began our search for our first home.  Below is a show and tell of the house we really like!
It's located in a small subdivision in SW Corvallis.  It's adjacent to a retirement community and the Corvallis Country Club (no Dad, we can't play unless we're members)
The entryway is right next to the first living area that has a great dining area framed in by this low wall.  
Of course there is a great Sugar window that looks out on the street.
Nicole's must is a separate laundry room/mud room.  This stands right off the entry way and connects to the garage.  Perfect for dog doors to the back yard.
The kitchen is divided by the other living area with this great little bar.  
We're pretty stoked about the layout.  
Huge pantry (including spices and a pencil sharpener).
Then there is a little hallway back to the bedrooms.
 Here is the guest bath.
 Two bedrooms mirrored with great closet space and a cool nook above.
 And a nice big master bedroom.
 With connected bathroom including TWO sinks!  Oh ya.
 Great skylight, don't need the light at all during the day.
And of course, an amazing walk-in closet!

The negatives are a small yard, close proximity to neighboring houses and a pretty small front yard.  It does however have a little porch!  The kicker is that all the lots share easement through the back yard for a stormwater system and this yard has three manhole covers that give access to that system.  All and all the benefits outweigh the negatives.  A great neighborhood close to friends, stores and campus.  An awesome house with high ceilings and a wonderful layout.  Now if we can get the low price we want, we might just be moving up in the world.  Goodbye 900 square feet and no garage, hello 1786 with a two car garage.  We won't know what to do with ourselves!


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Big Sky

We've spent the last week on vacation in Montana.  This was last night's sunset from my parent's house.  That "Big Sky" thing is not just a slogan ;)

I love these ears

A Good July Day

It seems like forever ago now, but we spent a pretty great July Saturday with our pals Dante & Jenn.  They introduced us to the deliciousness that is breakfast at Gathering Together Farm in Philomath.  We knew the farm from our Farmer's Market, but had never visited.  It's a must for a leisurely locally grown breakfast. 

Stuffed to the brim, we headed out to the coast to let Sugar and her BFF Tynan run.

We headed back to Corvallis to catch Bobby McFerrin and the Yellowjackets at DaVinci Days.  Pretty big stuff for our little town!

A perfect summer day spent with great friends.  Yay!