Monday, September 12, 2011

Napping with Sugar

My wife said to me as we were about to pickup Sugar, "She will not be allowed on ANY furniture!"  For the most part, this has stayed true.  Sugar got up once on the couch and after being scolded and having chairs put on the couch for two or three days, she never touched the furniture again.  It was less than a month however that I caught the two of them napping on the bed on a Saturday afternoon.  

Nicole and Sugar napping on a Saturday

This dog loves to nap and most of all, she will do anything to make sure she is as close as possible to the person she is napping with.  She is quite the cuddler and we quickly realized that if you want to sleep in on Saturday morning, just let Sugar into the bed and she won't move until both humans are up and out of the bed.  

The other day a strange phenomenon occurred.  We napped as usual and upon waking up Sugar rolled over on her back and continued to sleep fully sprawled.  Her lips and jowls going where gravity desired contorting her face in the opposite of it's naturally occurring direction.  

I, of course, fully amused took a picture and proceeded to laugh hysterically which didn't seem to bother the dog...she continued to sleep.  Showing the picture to my wife, she joined me in the hilarity until she turned the phone upside-down and we encountered this image:

Now that I tell you is a happy dog.