Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Panda says...

I just opened the fortune cookie that accompanied my lunch. You will soon find new adventure in life. Never has one little cookie so accurately understated the obvious.

In four days my whole life gets turned upside-down (in a good way). Jim and I load up the U-Haul and road trip him back across the country. We move in together. We get a dog. We climb over each other in a too-small little house while figuring out our cohabitational vibe. We get married. He finds a job. The list goes on.

If my cookie is referring to any adventures other than the aforementioned MAJOR LIFE CHANGES I think I will spit it out and pretend I never opened it.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Last Day At St. Peder's

Dear Blog Readers,

Today was a tough day, my last Sunday at St. Peder's. It kills me to leave this wonderful congregation and I can't express how blessed I have been to be apart of their ministry. If you are in Minnesota and looking for a real wonderful congregation head to South Minneapolis and visit St. Peder's. They are real people, real lovers of God and never take themselves seriously. If only I could make this place my home. :-(
Rita of course wrote me a fair-well song based on Do a Deer.
Group Photo with the choir.
Annette and Rita.
Elliette, talk about a cute baby.
My Best Buddy Malcom, I'm gonna miss him and his little sister. Talk about a kid that's going places.

I will miss you all but will keep you in my heart forever. Thank you for the love and support of getting me through this period in my life (even though I wore a dress every Sunday). You have all blessed me beyond my wildest dreams.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Monday, May 10, 2010


Thank you to everyone who made the trek to listen to and hour and 10 minutes of an anglican evensong service. If you missed out, the 15 most talented men I have ever connected to sang their hearts out. They filled one of the most beautiful places I have ever performed in with music that would make just about anyone choke up a little. It was that beautiful. And all I had to do was wave my arms like a crazy man in front of them. I am blessed.

Thank you especially to everyone who made the day possible. Having friends and family and a Fiancée who just make things happen is probably the most wonderful gift I can imagine. And now I am done with this boring post. Video's of the project will be posted soon, I promise.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

April Shower

Last Saturday was one for the books - my best gals threw me the bridal shower to end all showers! We started the day with lunch at the Wild Pear - NUM!
Then we got right down to business:
One of the advantages of being the last of your girlfriends to marry is that everyone has special keepsakes to share with you. Just such a keepsake is discernible in the photo. That pink beer coozy (coozying a cocktail rather than a brewski) reads "Because I'm the Bride, That's Why." It has a black coozy partner which reads, "What Would I know? I'm just the Groom." We will treasure them forever! Or at least until August. Then we might share the love with some other couple.

A few snaps from the festivities:

This is my bestie, Brenda Lee. It's too bad we don't have more fun together.

Can you make out the detail of this beautiful fabric banner? A certain crafty gal used our engagement photos to decorate it!

And these are my best gals. Could I have five prettier friends? No. It is not possible. Shall I really make you jealous? Not only are they picture perfect, they are each wicked smart, talented, funny, loving, and a darn good time!

And they share my love of pretty shoes. And umbrella drinks. And that's what really matters.

On to the May Flowers!

Welcome May

If you didn't notice yet, it's May.

I'm thankful that:
1) Under a month till graduation and the move back to Oregon
2) Next Sunday is my Project in Northfield, MN (see ad below)
3) One more paper, one last final exam
4) Mother's Day will be here soon and I can actually celebrate it with my mother
5) Spring has finally arrived

Thank you to all my friends who have helped me survive these last two years. A special thanks goes to my Fiancée who let me move out here and pursue my dreams. I can't wait to marry you and spend the rest of our life together.

If your in MN next weekend, please come down to Northfield!

"My Soul Doth Magnify"
Anglican Evensong Service with all Men's Choir
May 9th, 8:15pm