Thursday, February 26, 2009

Soundguy in the Snow

You know, trying to guess the weather in MN hasn't proven to be that easy and as I heard warnings of 5-8 inches today I kinda laughed. Yesterday was a balmy 35 degrees, things were melting, you could see the grass and the leaves from fall last year. Even this morning, although colder, the sun was out and it was a nice day. I said, "5-8 inches? Ha! They were wrong again." So as I left work at noon, thinking that should give me enough time to get my car and get down to St. Olaf, I was hit by little light snow and said to myself, "hrm, maybe it will snow." You know what's cool, the sound of snow hitting dry leaves. Pretty nice.

I jumped in my car, looking at the clock considering the 45 minute drive ahead of me and said, yah an extra 15 minutes will be good in this light snow. As I got to the end of the block that light snow wasn't so light anymore. As I got on the freeway I thought, hrm, this could get bad. Slipping and sliding around I started considering the drive home today. If 2 inches had fallen in 45 minutes, I might be fighting 5-8 inches or more on the drive home. "WHAT AM I DOING!?!?"

I threw on the GPS and took a side street, heading back toward roads I knew. As I reached the first stoplight, I look ahead of me down the side street of a local neighborhood. White. Lots of White. So much white, I couldn't see where the road was. THEY WERN'T KIDDING ABOUT SNOW IN MN!

Sure, winter was cold. There was some snow in there too. But get a cold and warm front running into each other and the snow COMES DOWN. Nothing left to do but find somebody willing to have a snowball fight and call it a day. That and write a couple papers for class.

So for all of you in the land of tall green fir trees, in the great north west...enjoy your balmy 45 degrees and rain. I'm gonna watch and see how much snow actually comes down!


Friday, February 20, 2009

28 Days

Sometimes you have to post just to post. I am noticing that we are way behind at keeping up with January numbers. Maybe it had something to do with having 3 weeks of break and no classes or reading to do.

Regardless I thought I would post on countdown day 28. In 28 days I get to spend a whole week back in Oregon, out of this cold flat world I live in out here. I can't wait to see a mountain and drive up and down I-5 (not mentioning spending any time with my best friend the ChoirPres).

So here is where I will give some shouts out to our peeps :) Earl, it was great talking with you the other day after your swamp adventures in the South. I am very jealous because NO is one of my favorite places now. If you are looking for a church to go to on Sunday, head over to Rayne Memorial in the Garden District. Find Joel Bevington (the organist and choir director) and tell him you know me :) He is an amazing musician and an old friend of mine.

A double shout out to Prego Girls - T and PJP. Both are flirting dangerously with potential Aries babies which means I have a decent chance of getting one born on my birthday. It would be better than April 1st I tell ya. I pray for you both daily and hope everything continues smoothly!

If you are in Minnesota and looking for flowers make sure you head over to Indulge & Bloom because I hear they make some great flowers over there. Thanks for the Vday help Joshua and Raed. You guys are amazing.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Terrible Musician Humor

I ran across this ridiculous passage in a book I recently read, and knew it would be appreciated by the warped musicians reading our blog. (No offense intended - I count myself among you).

"Where are we going?" I asked Pedro, not really caring.

"A new dive just opened up across from St. Gertrude's. It sounds like our kind of place. Good looking beer-frauleins in tight shirts, lots of German brews, and Baroque organ music from a three-manual Flentrop with a sixteen-foot heckelphone you can really hand your hat on."

"Sounds sweet," I agreed, suddenly interested. "What's this place called?"


Groan! See, I told you it was terrible. But you still laughed, huh? Credit goes to Mark Schweizer for The Soprano Wore Falsettos.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

20 Things (You Really Should Know)

I am sorry everybody but I am tired of the 25 Random things that everyone is posting. Seriously, who wants to know what songs randomly come up on my iPod or the the list of random things I did today. How about the top 20 things you've learned and that everyone should know. This list is directed at me because I fail at everything on this list. Please take with a grain of salt. In no particular order:

  1. 1. Read. Read blogs, the internet, books, newspapers, everything. Being in the know is so much more fun than just doing the bare minimum in life.
  2. 2. Try to fix it yourself first. Learning how something works and taking the time to learn how to fix it yourself will benefit you to the Nth degree in life. If you can't figure it out at least you tried.
  3. 3. Use GPS. If you are going to be driving somewhere new and you want to make sure you can get around, GPS is really the greatest way to make sure you always know how to get somewhere.
  4. 4. Everybody is Equal. Everybody. From the people who are obviously dumber than you the people who seem to have everything you want to the people who do things that you don't understand or get. Treat them as such and stop being judgmental.
  5. 5. Your Feelings are always valid. How you feel is how you feel. It may not be logical, to others it may be out of left field. Don't hid your feelings or ignore someone else's feelings because those feelings indicate actions or realities that are clearly missed or not understood.
  6. 6. Music has a power than no one really understands. Shakespeare said it best, "The man that hath no music in himself, Nor is not mov'd with concord of sweet sounds, Is fit for treasons, stratagems, and spoils." Everyone benefits from being moved by music.
  7. 7. Hiding emotions or stifling them does nobody any good. Everyone can use a good cry or a good laugh. Make sure you are finding regular places to get both.
  8. 8. Dwelling in the Past or the Future doesn't do anything for the present. Being inspired by both is great but holding on to what was or hope for what might be only makes you not reach out and hold what you have.
  9. 9. Learn how to dance, sing out loud and never be scared to talk to a random stranger (thanks for the inspiration Bim). Break that invisible wall that keeps us locked in our own worlds. You might actually get someone to smile.
  10. 10. You have every right to be depressed...see #5 above. I might add that #8 above probably means you shouldn't stay that way very long.
  11. 11. Invest in yourself. Put money into your own education or classes or taking the time to build your skills. Since you are the primary bread winner for yourself, why not invest in yourself and make sure you always have something to fall back on.
  12. 12. Drink and Sleep Lots. It's proven that if you sleep an extra hour from what you do now that you will have less heart problems in your later life. Everyone knows that wine relaxes you and opens up those blood vessels (If you are in AA of course please don't drink ) but its also pretty healthy to drink water and keep yourself cleansed. I think they say pee clear and you're keeping yourself hydrated.
  13. 13. BE GREEN. Put energy efficient bulbs in, recycle what you can, reuse stuff, donate and buy stuff and Goodwill, use less water if you can (I fail at that one), turn the thermostat down and use public transportation if at all possible.
  14. 14. "Call your Mother" (If you know Rent, please sing). At least remind them you love them regularly.
  15. 15. Write people cards. Funny thing how getting something in the mail can really validate you. It also shows you will take real time (not 2 seconds in an email account) to say hello.
  16. 16. Create a Blog. What better way to think through things and keep random people in the know about you. (Ok, Facebook is pretty cool too)
  17. 17. Only say "I Love You" after you have waited five times as long as you think you should have. Once you say it, never stop.
  18. 18. Cook your own Meals and eat them with those people you love. First, cooking is fun and second it is so much better for you.
  19. 19. Never go to bed without resolving a conflict. For that matter, don't hang up the phone if you are still angry. That doesn't mean you can't be hurt or depressed but the dreams you will have and the sleep you won't get if you are angry when your head hits the pillow just sucks.
  20. 20. Try Everything Once. Worse that you will find is you don't like it. Now to be clear, I have tried broccoli more than once and I continue to think that people should not eat trees so no using number 20 against me, ChoirPres.