About Us

Many moons ago (clear back in the 90's!) Jim and Nicole met in the college choir.  They didn't exactly hit it off.  

Fast forward six or seven years when they wound up in choir together again.  Finding each other slightly more tolerable (and being the only group members under 50) they became friends.  

Fast forward two more years when they finally figured out that they should date.  Hooray!  Things went great until Jim headed off to Seminary 2000 miles away.  How to span the distance?  Start a blog, of course.  "Hotdish & Hallelujahs" started as their take on what the experience of attending Seminary in Minnesota might be like. They're now in the post-  Midwestern Seminary phase of their lives (all great artists have a post-Midwestern Seminary phase, right?), so the blog title doesn't mean a darn thing. You get to draw your own conclusions!

Now that we're back in the same zip code and happily married life has settled down considerably.  Jimbo is a Choir Director and splits his time between the OSU Glee Choir and the First United Methodist Church.  When he isn't waving his arms he's probably fixing a computer, firing up the table saw, or getting his Jeep muddy.

Nicole is nearing her 10th year at OSU, and is currently wrangling the Engineering students as Assistant Director of Undergraduate Programs (whatever that means...).  She likes to cook and Jim likes to eat - it's a good match.  She's also likely to be trying out craft, DIY, or home improvement projects.

And then there's Sugar...she has no vocation so it's a really good thing she's pretty.    

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